When you fall into a deep sleep, all of your muscles fully relax. If your airway becomes partially blocked due to obstructive sleep apnea, you automatically grind your teeth in an effort to open your airway and resume normal breathing.

Teeth grinding (bruxism) does a great deal of damage to your teeth, causing them to wear down, crack, loosen and break. This damage can be quite costly and time-consuming to repair, with expensive bridgework, crowns, and implants often being your only options. Just as importantly, teeth grinding is a primary cause of TMJ disorders which are often quite painful, and at times debilitating.

Sleep apnea is one of the primary causes of teeth grinding, and successfully treating sleep apnea often eliminates teeth grinding. Weight loss combined with oral appliance therapy is a proven method of reducing or eliminating both sleep apnea and teeth grinding, It’s very important to address the cause of your teeth grinding quickly and effectively before it does extensive damage to your teeth.

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