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The latest revolution in dentistry is the use of the dental laser.

At Pollock Dental, we utilize the advanced technology of dental lasers to perform leading-edge dentistry on our patients. Dental lasers allow our dentists to perform sensitive dental functions inside the mouth without damaging any of the surrounding tissues. By delivering energy in the form of a concentrated light beam, the dental laser enables us to easily and comfortably perform important functions in the smaller areas of your mouth.

When lasers are used for cavity removal, eliminating decay within a tooth and preparing the surrounding enamel for fillings, the need for anesthesia of any type can be greatly reduced and at times be eliminated altogether. In addition, laser energy has proven to enhance a tooth’s ability to heal in situations where deep cavities had previously existed.

Periodontal care is another area in which less discomfort and faster healing are both associated with using laser technology. Lasers are currently used for re-contouring or re-shaping gums, removing diseased gum tissue associated with periodontal disease and removing the bacteria found in periodontal pockets to promote healing. As a result of using this advanced technology, healing time and post-operative discomfort are significantly reduced compared to traditional surgical methods.

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