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White Filling


White (composite) fillings are used exclusively at Pollock Dental.  They are environmentally safe, contain no mercury and hold many advantages over the traditional silver (amalgam) fillings.

White fillings, in addition to being attractive and natural looking, also serve to strengthen teeth rather than weaken them as silver fillings are known to do. Because the composite material of a white filling is actually poured into place, a considerably smaller hole can be made for the filling.

As a result of removing less material, more of the original tooth can be retained, making for a stronger restoration and allowing for smaller cavities to be filled as well. Once the decayed portion of the tooth is removed, the tooth is etched with a solution, the composite is poured in and a specialized light is used to harden the composite material.. When the process is done, the filling is shaped to fit the tooth and the filling is polished to prevent against staining and wear.

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